Exciting decision by @comicrelief. Our research shows that not only can celebrity spokespeople come across as tone deaf, they are less effective than volunteers & frontline workers in conveying need to the public: https://t.co/WzjKUSqNM9 #DatabyDEL https://t.co/YoKvbPKN3E

Cases are rising in Germany, but respondents are bucking a trend seen elsewhere: While pandemics and the economy top the list in US & UK, Germans' now prioritising environment & immigration while worries ab economy decline compared w/ June. #DatabyDEL Will the trend continue? https://t.co/gebZTAAXTf


What are the most important global issues according to the British public? Economic crises up 4% since our June survey, immigration up 7% #IOTW #Globaldev #COVID19 #DatabyDEL https://t.co/TcadZjDL1v


Good morning! Just about to begin discussing our latest data showing #COVID19's influence on public attitudes & engagement with aid & global poverty. Free to join at the link below. @profdavidhudson @mollyanders_dev @europeaid https://t.co/WOfSpqfFh7

RT @profdavidhudson: Looking forward to speaking at this virtual European Commission Conference on ‘Public attitudes toward aid. What reson…


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